Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Lot can happened over a Coffee-A Twist

Scene 1:
Location:  Lifestyles mall, Cafe coffee Day
Timeline : Last year of college (2009)
Characters: Two cool college kids, Two weird office goers

Why are we alone?

We are not alone. We cant be alone if we are together.
Okay ass, I meant why dont we have girlfriends?

Oh, thats because the good ones chose the dorks

Yeah.. neckless, fat, geeky dorks

Hey! We can be neckless fat and geeky, if it gets us girls that is..

Well, we are already geeky..
I am not..

Yes you are..

Yeah I am.. I know..

So all we have to become is neckless and fat..

I dont think it is fair..

Even I dont think it is fair.. but what?

They show girls swooning over Hrithik Roshan on TV, but then they go and settle for dorks like these in real life. I mean, what happened to survival of the handsomest..

Yeah I know.. My mom says I look like Hrithik.

Dont take your mom too seriously..
Oh comeon.. I do!

No, you dont.. actually you do, only hes taller and more.. whats the word.. yeah.. awesome!

You sound like a girl right now..

I know, but you can definitely pass off as Uday Chopra..

Damn you..
Pointing to two office goers sitting at a table across the cafe.
Now look at those two guys there.. We look better than they do, dont we?
We sure do.. I mean we can beat them in the looks dept any day.

Yeah, look at them. Peter England office shirts, Arrow flat trousers and office handbag.
Looks more like a purse that handbag of theirs if you ask me..
They look as if they came with a tag - since 1929
Hehe.. good one.. And look at us, cool wrist band, Levi's jeans, Reebok shirts and i-pump shoes..

Hey when did you buy them shoes?


And you didnt tell me?

Tell you? what are we? girls?

Oh yeah.. sorry. Are those guys waiting for someone?

Yeah.. I bet they have girlfriends too.

These guys? since 1929 guys? No ways!

I bet 100..


Just then 2 pretty girls entered the cafe and walked up to them. They could hear them.
"Shall we leave boys?", said the first one.
"We ll be late for the movie", said the other one.
The guys paid the bill and started moving out, with their respective girls.
See? See? Hail me as your king! Pay up you dumbass.
Damn you ass****
He removed Rs. 100 from his wallet and thrusted it onto his friend's palm.

He said the word "Damn" loud enough for one of the guys, who was now opening the door for his girl, to hear him. He looked back at the college kids and smiled. He pulled her close to him and whispered something in her ear. She looked back at the college kids and giggled. Then the four of them left.

Scene 2:
Location:  Lifestyles mall, Cafe coffee Day
Timeline : First year of the job (2010)
Characters: Two weird college kids, Two cool office goers

Hows work?
Cool. Hows yours?
Hows everyone at home?
What? You never used to ask that!
Really? Hmm.
Got a promotion btw.
Hmm.. that means you pay for today's movie.
Damn you.
I paid the first installment of the car, did I tell you?
Hmm.. Your dad, didnt ask you to pay, did he?
No, but I thought I could pay half for him. That way it would be easier for him.
Hmm.. we are planning to buy a house too..
In mulund?
No re, its out of reach now. Maybe in Thane. Now that I make money too, my parents can afford it..
Man! We are paying installements, buying flats.. We are growing up!!!

Pointing to two college kids sitting at a table across the cafe.

Remember when we were like them?
Whats with those shoes and whats with the hairstyle these kids have nowadays?
Yeah.. and look at their jeans. One more of his size can fit into those!! And they think they look "cool"!
Hehehe.. weirdos..
Its 6:45.. Why do they always have to be this late..
Its evolutionary.. Its in the bible..
What the? The bible doesnt allow women to come late..
Arre it does! Even the first woman "Eve" came only after Adam got really bored.
Hehehe.. Your sense of humour has gone down the drain.
shut up dumbass..

Just then two pretty girls entered the cafe.
"Hello boys", one said.
"Are we late?", the other asked.
No babe.
"Lets leave, dont wanna miss the starting"

The guys paid the bill and started walking out when one of them overheard one of the college kid swearing at the other.
He looked back at the kids, the kid wearing a green nike shirt thrusted a 100 rupee note in the hands of the other kid. He smiled at them.

He held her hand and pulled her close to him. He whispered in her ear -
"You see those two guys sitting there. I think, they had a bet whether we had girlfriends or not. The guy in the green shirt lost."
"How can you be sure about the bet thing", she asked.
"Coz I have been there "
She looked at him amused. She looked back at the college kids and giggled. The four of them left.

Note:-Article is not mine but i had posted it here as it seems like story of mine. All credit of article is for its original author.


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