Thursday, May 26, 2011

About Me.....

Hey...y r u readin dis??:O
==>>U knw me??
==>>U wna knw me??
==>>Readin widout ny rsn..!!:P

Wt so evr is ur reason bt u hv already spent some of ur seconds in readin dis...So allow me to steal few more seconds frm ur lyf...:D

M kinda person who belivs in "ME" only...
I knw some Ppl cl me silent....but i believe in doing it then...talking abt it....
I knw, some Ppl cl it I cl it Self-respect,nd I think evry1 shd hv it...!!

I cn say dat M Enigmatic..nd I dnt lyk 2 b solved.
I nvr take my words back,4 me 1s its no means 'NO' 4evr.
Dnt lyk Compromises nd cnt forgt nythin easily,,,,,If U hv done smthin wrong wid me...Dnt Xpect absolution.

I strongly blv dat I mst nt cry 4 d othrs cz dey r nt fit 4 my tears.. & those who r fit 4 my tears wl nvr allow me 2 cry..
I care 4 those who realy deserve m nt a m/c 2 entertain evry1.. :P

U cn trust me cz I cn keep ur better dnt share wid me
Cz dnt wna b involved in ur personal matters,,,Nd yaa dnt try 2 interfere in mine..:P

U cn nt infrnt of me cz I hate Liarz..:@
M Unpredictable - So dnt try to judge me
Jst ask me nd I vl try mah bst 2 solve ur doubts.
This one is for all of my closer ones... :-

"I care for you on my own strange ways......perhaps you will never know....perhaps i will never show....... ".
U may continue wid ur work nw!!!B)

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