Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something about our generation....

In this world of Facebook and twitter...our basic requirements are changed to air,water and internet..... morning prayers are replaced with "sweety sweety sweety tera pyar...." and hands are folded only to hold mobile phone....

We are selling our friends for cash on 'Date Trap' and testing our loved one on 

'Emotional Atyaachar'. We show our love and sacrifice on 'Axe Ur Ex'.

21st century is full of Reality shows wid nothing REAL in it, Too many well-designed houses yet BROKEN HOMES,

Attractive & Beautiful Faces yet the UGLIEST HEARTS. 

Its full of Smart People,
Brilliant Minds,
Ambiguous Diplomats yet lack the common touch of HUMANITY....

In earlier days,
lovers hardly talked 2 each other yet they experienced ETERNAL LOVE whereas 2day we spend countless sleepless nites talkin or textin 2 each other yet finally end up with a BREAK-UP


Our generation is having so many ways and means of communication but almost nothing to communicate.

The closer we come,
the farther we go.

 1 line msg is far easier than personal presence on special occasions.

We are all Men & Women but just by wearing a Being Human Tshirt, we dont become Human :)

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NiTi said...

nice one.......

i m partially agree with u...wen tht technology helps you to show ur emotions thn......??