Saturday, September 10, 2011

1 Weekend,1 Day & 2 books....

1 Weekend,1 day & 2 books....yes,one weekend,one day and one challenge I gobbled up two books. Both from contemporary Indian authors and about youngsters.

Bowled & Beautiful, heard about the book in someone's blog and knew this is my kind of book. Generally i love reading in regional language and i can proudly say that i have read almost all novels of Harkishan Mehta,Gautam Sharma,Kanu Bhagdev,Navneet Sevak , H.N.Golibar and many more. English novels are always 2nd preference. But once i have started with five point someone from Mr. Chetan Bhagat. I could not resist myself to read similar novels from other authors also.

Authored by Subhasis Das (another engineering guy into this book writing),this book is a story of Chris,(basically an engineer who is professional cricketer now) a guy his love,his college he has enjoyed his golden days of life with Salman,Zulu,Mahek,sahshi..and Arvind. Oops i forget to mention one more character actually two characters. Tanu and his so called boy friend Alex. How they 6 made to gather a group called as 5 stars. Yes you have read it right. They 6 friends made a group named as 5 stars. Then its fun to read how they all to gather plan and help Chris in achieving his love. At some point of time i feel that story was not having that punch due to language used. And word 'Samaj' for gujju community was not quite understandable.

The book falls in the category of a masala entertainer and chick lit. You name it and the book has it, be it humor, a TDH guy, romance and the religion of our nation yes you guess it right Cricket. And give some lessons too.

Yes once don't dare to write a diary & second never miss any carrier opportunity for an girl. Ha ha ha...just kidding 3 stars ratting from me.


The 2nd one is Oh shit not again by Mandar kokate is a good book worth reading, the english is not very tough,,one can understand it easily.the lead character of the story RAJ,,is best around whom the whole story goes n the most hillarious thing about
him is that he always puts himself into the trouble whenevr he tries to do somthing..and 1 more thing i read about raj’s father only in the begining but i didn’t found his mention anywhere else.the 1 character which i hated ws of SAM- the cheap creature.......lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bt he was the only 1 who contributed to raj’s its fine with made me laugh more..lollzzzzz

Given the theme the book is bound to be compared with Five Point Someone and am sure the author would insist it is different but after reading both the books I'll only say it has nothing new in it.

All in all an average book.

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