Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just think....what if life was a-la-carte and we have option to choose

Life is becoming hectic now a days. Everyday starts with something to learn,something to teach and Something to do.Every morning is similar.

A dark side of early morning....
1. Big aunties running on the road.
2. Old uncle with his black dog.
And me on the edge of killing someone....

Ever wondered, if life was a-la-carte and you had an option to choose, what you want from & in your life.How life will became easier and enjoyable.

My choices are very clear (well its not clear in any way);-)

A Job of my choice(Yes you guess it right...professional Gamer)
I wanted to live alone on some island with continuous power & Internet ;-)
No connectivity with people until I wish to.
Loads of time to think about my self.
No answer ability to anyone :D(Specially to girls)
Loads of books to read (other than written by me :P)
Loads n loads of money(Dont know how i will spend it on that island but still i want)
Able to eat everything of my choice and in bargain no weight gain ;-)
One chance meeting with Aishwarya Rai(Dont wanna add bachhan at end)
A published book of my own

I guess God would be sweating after seeing my wish list ;-)

But am sure that given a choice most of us would opt for unlimited supply of mullah & less work to do. However imagine how the world would be if we all choose not to work.So if everyone has same amount of luxury than no fun of having it. So always we want something more than others have and that things ultimately make us happy. Not the unlimited money or power.

I guess that's the very reason that we are not given an option to have everything we want. And even if we break rules and do everything that we want God has ways to make things even.

Wooo....its again damn sunday afternoon and i was day dreaming again. I know such things never gonna happen but still nothing wrong in preparing your wish list what you will choose if life was having a la-carte option.

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dipu4u said...

We made our simple life into Hectic and troubled.
I would like to go at lonely island with my favorite one(why Aishwarya?) and with internet and power connectivity."