Friday, October 21, 2011

Snowball Effect of your thinking.

Did you ever wake up in the midnight just thinking of assignment to be submitted [/ Client call] on next day or any other personal commitment due next day?

Then you start thinking in detail, you don’t know much about subject and teacher [/client, project manager] is also rude. Then suddenly you start thinking about next term exam of that subject. Then it leads you to thinking about result of exam and then finally all thoughts land on placement and then life [and it’s quite possible that you think about wife too… ;)].

In short it will be ended up with wasting 3 to 4 hours of sleep which leads to lazy and hazy morning. Whatever we call it in our regional language but in psychological terms this could be termed as snow ball effect. You might have seen cartoon films where somebody throws little snowball from top of the hill and it ended up with giant size snow ball which destroys many things.

It is necessary to stop that snow ball on initial phase to stop disaster [/major damage]. Here are the few things which can stop this snowball effect of your thoughts. The only solution of this is to notice what's happening in your head before it's getting late and your continuous thoughts have a chance to build any kind of momentum. Earlier you catch, easier to stop otherwise it will drag you it.

Here in our case you can just put a reminder in your cell phone about assignment and can maintain to do list in diary [Of course diary cause or else you will turn on your laptop for outlook and then end up in wasting few more hours in chatting with girlfriend which is also one kind of snow ball effect….But we will not discuss it here…. ]. Once your note it down then just forgot it and sleep. This will lead you to wake up with some fresh thoughts [and sometimes solutions too]. You might be a very busy person but so what everybody here are busy and fighting a hard battle. Just try this, its effective [Of course only if you have ever come across such issues... ;)].

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