Friday, November 11, 2011

Addicted to something - Not an issue!!!

You are addicted to Facebook. I heard this line 10th time of a day. Now that's enough for a day. Let me tell you a bitter fact - We all are addicted to something or some person.

Let's put it this way...

"We all are addicted to something ....which take away the pain...."

Let's be honest to answer the question :

What do you do normally after tiring office hours ?
1. Talk or chat with your girl friend/ Boy friend . (If you are lucky enough to have one).
2. Play with your little one and make funny gesture to get smile on their face.
3. If recently merried then fighting and making up with each other.
4. If you are gujarati and living out side of gujrat then 100 % you will go for some hard drinks.
5. If you are far away from home and living lonely then you might get connected to some virtual world of social networking.
6. If you are fan of Jackie chain and Rambo then you might go for gyming and kung-fu.
7. If you are tech crazzy and geek guy then you might jingle with some weird OS and buggy coding kind of stuff.
8. If you are sas-bahu serial fan then you might turned on TV before removing your shoes.
9. Somebody of you just crazzy after movies and TV serials then you start your lappy and head phone.

There are many more to be added in list in short you all do something which makes you happy. Which take away some pain from you... Which give you reason to smile though a very little and temporary but still you can't leave doing it.

Yes i am too addicted. I am addicted to one smile. I am addicted to one ringing voice. I am addicted to one crazzy sharp mind. But its nothing wrong in getting addicted. Because at the end of the day We all are addicted to something ....which take away the pain....!!!!

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superb one!!!!!