Thursday, November 10, 2011

Its happen only in India!!!!!

Life in India is alwayzz changing...
where Number of suicides > no. of children born everyday,
where people are cared more about Facebook status than their lives,
where people worship cricket more than God,
where even the educated people follow the dhongibabas,
where the youth is only concerned about fame and status...rather than their true identity..
a place where mango man...aam aadmi is surrounded by tensions, rising prises, new budget, his future, dreams, ambitions, success, love, relationships, sex , cricket, career, entertainment, marriage, latest trends, bollywood, saas-bahu serials,reality, fb, twitter, scams, suicides, corruption, pollution, global warming,disasters,etc...etc...
and still sumhow manages his job and home...:)

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