Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's on your mind!!!

Just few days back one advertisement was constantly pinging me on almost every channel where ranbir was giving some lecture with punch line "Keep it Simple silly!!!".

I am not huge fan of ranbir but i just loved this punch line. Why to complicate our life when we have other options available!!

Missing someone from bottom of your heart? … Call him/her

Dying to meet someone … Invite him/her

Wanna be Understood?(of course to someone) … Explain and make it clear

Have to many Questions ? … Ask them before your mind assume something

Don’t like it ? … Say it on face

Like it ? … Share it immediately

Want Something ? … first deserve it then only desire.

Of course you will not have courage of doing few or any of these stated item. And most of the time you might be updating above things to your Facebook status.... right?
After all Facebook status message is having bloody tag line "What's on your mind?"

Nobody will know what’s going in your mind. You will write for someone and someone else will take it for her/him self and all things going to messed up.
Its better to express rather than to expect them to assume exact meaning.

If you already have the ‘No’,Take this risk of getting the ‘Yes’.

There is one famous saying in some language...(yes of course language doesn't matter as of now... :P).
If you gamble you might loose, but if you don't you will never win.

So just don't complicate your life by doing all above mentioned funny stuff just keep it simple and enjoy the life.

Cause i believe and know that "We have only one life but if we do it right one is more than enough".

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