Friday, December 30, 2011

As we Live...we Learn.....[Ctrl + C , Ctrl +V ]

Not My Story but its just worth to read.....!!!!

A rich man Amir Chand had a pet dog Rambo. He had servants who took care of it very well. However, the dog did not quite enjoy the meals provided to it. Like any other human being, Rambo too wanted a change. One day it left the house and wandered on the street to look out for tasty food. Unfortunately every time Rambo found tasty food, other dogs would fight it off him. You see, he was unable to fight the street dogs. Disgruntled, disappointed, seething at the unfairness of the other dogs being better fighters than him, unable to accept he was not fit and fast enough, he was unlike any sad dog you would have seen in your life.
However, Rambo's life was about to change.
On the way back home, a few meters before from Amir Chand’s bungalow, just outside the garbage bin, Rambo came across a dried lifeless bone. Being in a hurry, besides being hungry for self-esteem and health, Rambo bit the bone.
While chewing the bone, its gum started bleeding. Unaware of the blood being its own, Rambo liked the taste of the bloody bone. Rambo thought that the blood was coming out from the bone and started chewing it with great enthusiasm. The blood flow increased. Dizzy with the taste, numb with hunger, intoxicated with the discovery, having recovered his bruised self-esteem, Rambo became feverish with excitement. Jumping around, its teeth holding the bone steadfast, Rambo wanted to juice every drop of the blood from the bone.
A wise dog passing by, looked at Rambo, barked and said, 'Hey stranger! The blood is coming from your gums and not from the bone; it is only a dried bone that you are chewing.'

Rambo looked at the wise dog with disdain and said, 'Until I bit the bone, my tongue had not tasted blood! Only after biting this bone, I came to know this taste. So, the blood is coming from the bone. You cannot trick me! I am not leaving the bone for you'"

Saying so, Rambo bit the bone more ferociously. The more it liked the taste of the bloody bone, the more he sucked on the bone. The more Rambo hurt himself.
This way of enjoying was Rambo's logic. This is dog logic!
Where ever I go, nowadays the discussions hover around 'What are your plans for new year's eve?" Travel plans are being made, tickets are being booked, groups are being formed, places and parties are being identified, shopping is being done, elaborate plans are happening. In about ten days’ time, we will move on to a new year. Liquor is going to flow like crazy. For many people the idea of having fun is to get drunk with alcohol.
Think for a while! Is there any difference between the dog biting the dried-bone and us human beings gaining pleasure from cigarettes, alcohol and other abusive substances?
As you read the story about Rambo did these words cross your mind - "Poor Rambo! “
If I happen to meet you on New Year's Eve, looking at you will the same words cross my heart - "Poor _________".
I pray not.
Take care. Have fun. Please avoid having fun while chewing the bloody dried bone. You deserve a better life! Your family and friends deserve a better you.
For those of us who are not into alcohol and other abusive substances, it will be worthwhile to think what our bloody dried bone is. Is it ego? Is it money? Is it our possessions? Maybe it is our looks? Maybe our degrees and qualifications? Whatever it may be, let’s drop it as we march into 2012. Let’s stop enjoying the taste of our own destruction and blood. May 2012 be the best ever year of YOUR life.

As we Live...we Learn

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