Monday, August 13, 2012

Finally it arrived : Monsoon

Koi to ....Yado main.. Palko main ...bundain liye....

The biggest disadvantage of not having anything stored in your draft is that when you want to update your blog and don't know what to write about, you are stuck. Typically on Monday morning on the way back to office after refreshing holidays. Busy times are back again. Monsoon season is usually a relatively hectic for those who are in Mumbai or in southern states. I happened to discuss it with a friend who has been there since last two years. When I look back to my hometown, it feels that monsoon slows down the business, but hell we "royal kathiyawadi" people do care about it. Weird it is, but it's true. People still loves this romantic season of rain at its best.

Unlike the Mumbai or other south state monsoon in Gujarat has its own importance. Very rare chances of heavy rain and those few occasions are invaluable which could turn down lectures in college or school. I love to work all the time, but these days, I miss my free time when I can just spend some time with myself with paper boat in child hood and writing or reading in my adult hood. 

When i was small i used to play different games with group of my friends. Those games which were typically made for monsoon. We had games for each and every  occasions. Then i grew up...(grew up watching these typical Bollywood movies). I used to have dream  replacing some hero in song which filming this romantic season of rain. We had songs for each and every occasions too. Little bit drizzle, sparkle of water and typical smell of this "Bhini Mitti". Children to youth and elders too.. have their own reason of celebrating this rainy season.

Since I am good at multitasking, I talk to people while working. But I miss reading, and writing. I miss blogging too. When I get a bit of free time, that time I don't feel like logging onto blogger and write something instead I would like to note it down in my cell.

Ah I sound lost again. But who cares, I am too happy to care about it (:p). I am happy that I finally able to write something, I am happy because I am so busy with work that I won't get time for anything for next few weeks. And this happens to be my birthday month too. I will be turning a year older.

I visited my hometown and uncle's farm house last week. It was a fantastic long weekend. Very much rejuvenating and well deserved. I am right now at a time when I can't take a vacation when I need to. But somehow I have managed it (and I can do that again as I have my own practice). Time spent in this 4 days has boosted energy level so high that I can spent next few weeks by just cherishing those moments.

That's about it for now. There are many things to write about on my mind, but I am not in mood to write about those. I would like to keep those in my drafts so I need not to pick random topic next time though I would love to do it, again. I would be back soon, till than enjoy this romantic season of rain.

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