Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life Bites.....(Nopes)... Reality Bites... Life Bleeds..

There is a war going on right now between heart and mind. I know those who know me say it's common for me. For me my heart and mind are like a Tom and Jerry.They never leave a single chance of fighting....

Mind Vs Heart
Tom trying every possibilities of overpowering Jerry but as it happens always Jerry dodges each tricks of Tom. Though in my case role of Tom and Jerry is not fixed any of them can play as Tom Or Jerry depends on the situation. :p

So this time they are fighting for my writings. One says that Writing is Scary don't put everything in words keep some of them to your self while Other one is refusing to accept it. Here are the arguments from the both sides.

Tom Says :-

Writing is scary. Every time I sit down to write, it freaks me out. THEY freak me out, the things I wanna talk about.
Some too personal. Too close.
Some too sad.
Others too preachy.
or some are just so manically happy.
It is hard to decide what lie to choose.
It is scary cause my mind is convinced that someone will look through the words and see what's been hiding all along. No one needs to know. My fears, my tears, my truths, my stories; they are just mine and mine alone
Jerry Says :-

Writing is scary, I agree. When it is more about us which we don't usually want others to know about it - can be referred as personal things. 
I know it's bit difficult to digest....
But the beauty of writing is that you can create story as personalize your story with the use of a story or something like that. In that way, we can get out everything we had to ourselves till now, in an indirect way. 

I write about every little pity thing about me, because it gives me peace of mind at some point of time, if not always. We just can't shut ourselves , right ? We have to come out and let that little pain go, somehow. And that's where writing comes. 

Well none of them are ready leave this argument but i need to surrender now. Just wanted to say no matter how hard i try to draw a plot or make a story,my writings will always draw a picture of who i am.

But yupp....I guess I'll continue writing. (Obviously not for generating few more bucks....and in anyways i have kept my this blog ad- free). This blog writing helps me sometimes when it's hard to let go few things and it's even difficult to talk to people about problems, writing really helps in a strange way.


Ishi said...

So very true..but there is a middle way..write for give vent to ur own feelings and its not important to share all your writings with public..:) anyways..keep the Tom and Jerry alive and continue writing!

Lightning Sky said...

Yeah..i will continue...thanks Ishita.... :)

Dharmesh Borad said...

Writing is a way to document yourself so that in future someone can better understand you instead assuming about yourself based on some life event. This will help when you become father. Sometime you can not express yourself but your content can earn you respect. ;)