Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stuck in life's riddle!!!!

"Stuck in Life's riddle??? You don't need a
 miracle to solve it! 
Deciphering it will take a little longer, 
have hope!!!!"

Just surfing over net and found above image with text "Looking in the mirror to solve life's riddles" and thought of posting it over here with some extended thoughts.

If just consider the love life, sometimes i feel like "How can hearts so young can feel so much of Pain???". But as time spent i get answer and above quote seems to be true. It doesn't take any miracle to resolve you life's riddle. It's just time.

In another way you can also consider the life as "Rubic Cube". It's full of colors as problems. You need to solve it in your way. Everybody will be solving it in their own way but faster the better.

If talking about my self...i was damn good at resolving riddles of the maths but not so good with the riddles of life. But unlike the my Math Teacher (of "Jurasic Yug") i have some very good modern teachers in my life to teach me some techniques of resolving this life's riddles. Yes there are few who are always there and ready to take me out of any damn situations. I just get motivated my self by seeing them living their so tough life with head held high in pride.

Well....ending this sort post by thanking to them who has helped and is helping me out in solving this life's riddle.

I'm taking your advice and looking on the brighter side of life. ;)

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