Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hason….Jiyo….Muskuraoo….Kya Pata…. Kal Ho Na Ho


          Just got back from short Diwali vacation and with half broken leg didn't get much chance to roaming around to enjoy festive mood of city. Instead had some free time to analyze myself and most important last week of the year when I got too much unwanted compliments for writing and other habits. Did talk with elders and also got a chance to put my hands on some old books and few writings of my grandparents.

           It took some time to realize that nobody really wanted to change me but it’s really important to improve on certain things. It’s not that easy or cannot be achieved over the night but I will try to improve on it and I know I will. That’s my New Year resolution. Now next few paragraphs are for me, Self-motivation you know ;)

           In life sometimes, everything cannot be planned and even it’s not necessary that it happens the way actually you have planned. But its life and it should be like that only. If everything happens with plan there won’t be any excitement.

           It’s ok if you have not got that much coveted promotion even though you deserved it completely. Even its ok if someone you trusted with your life may let you down. I believe that even its ok if someone you love(d) with all your heart may walk away and that’s also quite possible that you might have lost a loved one (Worse--you may lose yourself).

            People think that the most painful thing in life is losing the one you value. The Truth is the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of valuing someone too much & forgetting that – YOU ARE SPECIAL TOO.

           It is okay to mourn when this happens. It is okay to feel sad. It is okay to retreat into your shell when life gives you a beating. Even it is ok to listen sad songs on you iPod ;).

           It happens Yaar , such incidence are part of life and it should be there But it is not okay to stay there for longer than is necessary. It is important to come out and FIGHT. It is important to live well. Do the things that bring you joy... Just adding one of my favourite lines from movie KHNH…

“Hason….Jiyo….Muskuraoo….Kya Pata…. Kal Ho Na Ho…..”

           Life is indeed short… very short. Whatever did not work out, accept it. This was just the way it was meant to be. Every bad experience makes you grow, teaches you something.

           Keep your heart and mind open....Do Love things and atmosphere....Express yourself and make new friends....Dance in the chilly winter night (with the help of tequila and vodka shots ;)......Listen to Music at its best.....Do what makes you happy.

And last but not least "GROW" (I know I have to).

Wishing you luck, peace and loads of laughter.

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