Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter To "Jab Tak Hey Jaan" Haters!!!!

          I was on short vacation after exhausted week at office and while discussing random topic at home someone has suddenly raised topic of this recently released movie "Jab Tak Hey Jaan" and few friends just started blabbering about movie that it's worst and boring movie. SRK has done worst performance and blah....blah..blah... So just wanted to raise some point in favor of SRK and movie. Don't take it as offensive but you can raise same points against the movie in comments but be logical and don't abuse :) .... So here it goes....


Dear anti-SRK people,
            I know you have a lot of problems regarding Shah Rukh Khan .... I know....a lot of you can't stand him,&according to you, his latest movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan was a flop. According to you, SRK sucked, Katrina was terrible, Anushka is a bore & Yash Chopra has delivered his worst film. OK...fine.....
           I never said that this was SRK's best movie, or was Yash Chopra's.SRK has delivered some awesome movies & will continue to do so.....but to say the storyline was weak!! Sure.... you people clap when a baby is delivered using a vacuum cleaner(3 idiots)... but you can't accept the fact that someones strong belief in God stops someone from loving someone!
           You can accept that someone can leap on a plane from a motorcycle(Ek tha tiger)but you can't see somebody doing many jobs in an expensive place like London to make ends meet!! To all those people who think Shah Rukh is romancing women half of his age... Salman Khan & Aamir Khan are not actually romancing their grandmothers...they r doing the same...... all of them have movies with the same actress dis year!!
          The point of this long letter is, whether you like it or not : Jab Tak Hain Jaan rocked!!! It simply rocked! I'm not a huge movie critic or anything, but please stop beating empty barrels to make noise, people! SRK's uniform was wrong, SRK looks old....shut up people!!
          At least you didn't have problems understanding the story..... .at least its not another confusing one (Dhobi Ghat)!& the less i say about Salman, the better!! I'm still waiting for a movie in which Salman has a story!
         SHAH RUKH KHAN is the KING KHAN of bollywood!! PERIOD!!FULL STOP!!
Yours truly,
A Devoted Friend of a Devoted KING KHAN fan..


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