Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Holi - Common man is burning!!!!

                     We had t-shirt painting competition at Office and the theme was Flames. I am not that much creative with paintings and never had participated in any such activities during my school or college time. But we had bit hectic schedule in last few months so just wanted some change so i have just decided to go for it. Fortunately didn't have to wait for long for team.

                     We had small discussion about theme during lunch time day before of competition and after that crazy one hour i was so sure that what ever the result will come we are going to have complete masti and fun for an hour. One of us was expert in making sketches so we have zeroed down on painting a cartoon. We had quite a lot ideas about sketches but we also had to consider theme of the competition that was "Flames".

                     Ideally when someone think about painting competition with theme flames first idea will struck to mind would be "The Flame Art" . But we were not common people and competition arranged in IT company always have some tinge of seriousness. We were sure that everyone will try to make something meaningful serious art with some message and we were in mood of 'Dhamal Masti' . 

                     We have zeroed down on cartoon with some message so it can serve the both purpose. Cartoon was about a common man running away from flame. Flame of corruption,inflation, price hike and many other general issues. So idea was about to giving a message with funny cartoon with some tinge of sarcasm.

                     We had lots of fun and fight while painting. There was one moment when all three of us had brush in hand and seriously painting suddenly had a look at painting made by others and we were gone mad. We had stopped painting for sometime and had good amount of laugh at others work. Obviously here other means among three of us otherwise other competitors were seriously busy in painting.

                     We were gone mad at each other at the last 5 minutes of competition the star painter among us was panicking and crying and coordinators were shouting to keep us away from our work. Few friends were helping us to complete work by motivating. Then we had small round of photo session like if it was more imp than competition

                     Here is the painting made by us during competition......

                     Funny enough.....right? Obviously we didn't win any prize in competition but participating in it was nothing less than prize. But as being IT people we have to retrospect our failure. So we had small discussion in cafeteria about reason for not winning competition. Discussion goes like this....

  • Reason  - It was about Common man :- We have choose the topic about common man and in this country no one is appreciating efforts of common man. Either you have to be star to get attention and resolved your issues with stardom or you have to be weak so that you can gain sympathy from others and they can fight for you. 
  • Reason 2 - It was about Man :- We have choose the man to represent our work others have choose topic related to save women or daughter with tinge of feminism. I also have soft corners for women and as being brother and son i know how strong they are , so no offence against it. It's good that everyone is trying to spread awareness with using the whatever platform they get. Be it a Rangoli,poster making or any other competition but we always see few creations with this topic. Anyways that was not my thought and will write about it sometime else.

P.S. We also had lots of fun with paint brush.. post the competition.

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