Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quit writing ???

               I have lost that enthusiasm and it's directly reflecting with my updates here. I have not seen dashboard in last one and half month. It seems like ages. I have not read any blogs either was more busy with work which i have piled up and also i was in sorting out everything kind off mood. Wanted to correct many mistake i have made during starting of this year.

               I am wondering it is same place where i used to write about anything like travelling or about spending weekend at some random place. It used to give me kick when i see someone , who is interesting and had lot to offer which can make a brilliant post. I know in back of my mind that i can not write anyway near to her but i have tried. It didn't matter for me that how many mistake i have made while writing those posts. I just wanted to write and i had done it.

               Today, things have been changed too much,i have to think... think before opening this dash board. Think before opening my diary. It's not that i am not having any subject. I don't know what exactly it is but i think motivation is the word. I love to write...be it a blog , orkut , facebook or my diary. But when i used sharing here with friends (stranger friends) and they read it and comments, Yes I love comments . It always feels good when people reads, let me correct people who don't know you reads and leave comment behind. But as i have made it private for sometime after some incidents i don't expect people to visit here and read it regularly.

P.S. : I used to feel happy when I write anything here. It can be about any random topic, extremely lame or smart, funny or philosophical any damn thing in the world. I used to write something every single day and save it as draft. Here, on this space it used to feel like home. I think it's been my home for more than 3 long years. I think it owes me many thing. I also think that it has a soul too, just like i have one. This place has given me hope, heart break, happiness, sadness, dreams, night mares , lots of love and extreme hatred. It's just like a parallel life, I have created for my self, with my words, with my imagination and sometimes for some people.

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Nidhi said...

It happens. Don't leave hope. Continue writing. Many of us like it.