Friday, April 19, 2013

Rambling of my over worked mind (3)

          It just started night before. After spending 3 long hours on bed without sleep I have woke up and decided to read something. Now the next question was what to read and I have zeroed down to reading old text messages from my cell phone. There were plenty of text messages stored in my phone date and occasion wise. I didn't know when exactly I fall sleep but certainly it was very late. But still I woke up early with some fair collection of a crappy dream.

          The entire day unfolded in front of me in extra slow motion. Starting from office …Tricky deadlines, unwanted argument with someone, unwanted calls for distractions, annoying calls from agencies, faltering technology (basically this stupid damn idiot workstation allocated to me), mounting depression complete with nosy relatives talking about my marriage. I think this was the day designed by the devil.

          First time in almost 3 years of my professional carrier I had some work related arguments which otherwise don't bother me at all, I don’t give damn to such issue after office hours at all but it was that kind of a day where everything distressed me.

          Now comes to the evening, I think this time I had let go the day slipping out of my hands. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn't anything special or drastic that happened. But my office work apart than project has always been demanding and I generally don’t say no to this type of charity work. Still, this was one of those days when all the reasoning and logic goes for a toss and I felt very weak, helpless and vulnerable at that moment.

Just then, I have turned up radio and it goes like….

"Rehna Tayar pichhe…kitana bhi koi khiche
Tas hey na mas hey ji….
Jid hey to Jid hey ji…..Chak de…chak de India"

Immediately I had smile on my face and I was like … Hey they are playing song for me… J

          Do you know what…? I think Music has a strange, strong power over us. It can make you happy or sad. It can make you feel things which you don’t do generally. Music can make or break things (especially heart). I think I can proudly say that “I am 24 year old and Music is my life”.

          I listen music when I am happy…I listen music when I am sad…I listen music when I am frustrated…I listen music when I am sick…I listen music when I feel energetic….We have music for all the occasions and all kind of feeling human being can feel.

          I just want to mention one song from our own Bollywood movie from Mission Kashmir “Rindposh something something” composed by “Sanker Ehsaan Loy” which has lyrics like “…sangeet me hey Geeta Quran….sangeet main hey…allah or Ram….sangeet tute dilon ko jodta hey…. And so on….

          Huh….Another weird post of mine…sorry for that ..... Started with from some crappy dream and ended with discussion about Music… Many spelling and grammar mistakes….but still….it feels good to be here once again… J

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