Thursday, May 30, 2013

Be polite everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle !!

          It was a Monday morning, as usual I felt sorry for myself, thought about various task clients may have allocated after I left early on Friday eve, but to my surprise, I had no work. I was frustrated again, now due to the fact that I don’t have anything to do today. I opened my Google reader and started reading out various articles and it made me think about my life. What I want from my life? My friends and family? What is my fear and most importantly why do I get angry on little things??

          My mind immediately began to ponder over past incidents and I started to get answers for my questions and these answers mainly included words like my EGO, expectations, dual standards and not being true to myself. Let me explain this with examples.

          Last weekend I was at my home town for short vacation. I was waiting for a friend, she was late as usual. I was irritated by the fact she never managed to come on time, not once (we know each other from past 6 years). Finally she came; I knew she might have gone late to parlor or been busy attending her phone I had not asked her about the reason but chided her for coming late somehow tried to pretend calm. She knew I was frustrated, angry at her but kept silent. We decided to go for movie but again I could calm down myself. I was there for more than 2 hours but still irritated. In effort to change my mood, she suggested having some food and I replied- “You can rule my life at your turns, now I will decide when and where we will be going”. Then we had some chat and finally after 4 hour, I was normal. We went for dinner and at the end, just to pull her leg, asked why she was late?

          She told me, she had terrible headache last night, so went to her brother’s place where she had fight with her sister in law. Then she came to her place and started cooking for me (as I don’t like eating outside often), she still had cold but she wanted to cook for me. In between she booked movie tickets for us. Her father called her and informed her, last guy she had visited as marriage prospectus had rejected her and her mother was angry her (somehow she always finds faults with her daughter). After all this, she left for the rendezvous, on her way she met with her ex, who was with her wife. Emotions jamming her mind, her phone rang, now her boss (on Saturday evening) and started to ask explanations for the escalation client just have thrown. Now she was feeling all “Disturb!! Disturb!! Disturb!!”

          She came to see me and you heard the rest of the story. I didn't have courage to ask her what she had prepared. Feeling the guilt, I reached her bag, took out the tiffin and started to eat. Only one statement was echoing in my mind. 
Be polite everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle !!
          Sometimes we expect a lot from someone and if that person fails to satisfy our expectations, we start to blame them. We are not even bothered to find out the reasons why he or she may have done that. We (at least me) never try to understand others situation and what they are going through. We have become so judgmental and demanding we tend to forget what other person might expect from us, they might have their own set of problem, own expectations. In fact, he/she might need us more than we need him/her.

          If you are mad at someone for some reason, sit with them. Ask what they are feeling (don’t be judgmental unless and until you know everything). Speak out and let them say, listen them and if necessary we always have lot of time to get mad at each other.

P.S. I have not mention name of the any character in story this might not be my story or may be it’s all imaginary stuff . But feelings behind words are true. It’s better to think before reacting rather than regretting those actions or reactions later.

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