Friday, August 30, 2013

Rejection - We love to win...but we should be pretty humble in defeat as well !!!!

Huhh...weird topic to choose,specially for the time when you are writing a post almost after 2 months. But as i always says i don't generally decide to write about something and sit in isolation to note down words in it's best way. For me it's just as usual an intense discussion about one topic with different people which usually results into a blog post. So this one is also no different. I met one friend a few days ago. He is from same college and one of the best buddy of my tenure in this city and we understands each other better than most people of our age. He is just like brother (In typical Bollywood style, brother from another mother ;)) We can discuss about every damn thing in this world philosophically, hypothetically, seriously and whatever other ways you could think of.

We usually meet at the same place, have same food/drinks mostly and talk about various things in the same manner. It was that very place where I had encouraged him to express his feelings for the girl he liked and was studying with him in his Post graduation course. Then we have recalled college life and all the fun we had during those four years. Discussing details different pair's of college class room and how many of us have already got married and who is tagged with whom. Yeah typical gossips.... Who say boys don't gossips , girls do gossips in day and boys do at night specially after having cane of beer in stomach and another one in hand. :p 

When i meet him last time we end up discussing same topic and he told me that he has expressed his feeling to a girl and she has accepted the proposal they are planning to paired up in near by future. Even he told me that it was a good thing to confess to your feelings to someone you like. Because in his case both of them have feelings about each other since long but they have waited for two years till the time of departure from college. This is not only about them but i think most of the times we are too scared to express what we feel. Because we cannot take rejection. What's the big deal if someone rejects you? How does it change anything about you? No I am not talking about some rocket science here, merely stating the obvious. Yet, it's that obvious we ignore because we are scared of this rejection even if it doesn't really affect our life. It does affect you if you let it. If you are going to feel depressed about rejection then you very well deserve it. Feel depressed if someone says yes, for it's going to take away your freedom, you know ;) .

I have read somewhere that this new generation, Means our generation is raised in very competitive environment. We love to and want win each and every small battle and do not take the loss very well. Very nice statement again...

"We love to win each and every game but at the same time we are pretty humble in our loss "

This was from manager of one of the very well known football club after winning very rare treble triumph in the season.

I will not say I have approached girls too and I have been rejected . But i have never thought going that far with anyone as goal of life is entire different. Baring responsibility of family at the age of 16 has left me with no choice of any such thought. When i have lost my Dad at that age I thought it would affect me at very large scale, but it didn't. I have covered situation pretty much in last 5 years. Right now at this stage I do not see that phase of my life as challenge as i have not done any special in that phase. I have behaved pretty normal recovered well without any issue. So I believe for any rejection. If that major blow has not affected my life then these are pretty small stuff. I don't have the regret of not living such life style, like my friends had in college life. I didn't even had any thought of expressing what I felt. So I don't have to think about - I should have told her, how she would have reacted, how we would be right now and such jazz. Somewhere I'm glad that it had save me from getting 'No'. But what i think now is that all of us have changed with time. I am not going to write anything bad about any of the crushes.That would be an insult to my temporary preference... :p

Well this is an never ending debate but what i feel is that .....It's just plain stupid to keep quiet because you fear rejection. If you have reason or goal like i had then it's different case. But other wise rejection has not yet resulted into one's death...let me be specific until the stupid one had chosen extreme way of ending life. People who claim to be shy or introvert are mostly the ones who fear that they will get no as an answer. What's wrong with a no? If it turns out to be a yes, then wouldn't it be the best decision of your life at least for that moment? Have heard somewhere in some Bollywood movie...

"Na to hey fir kyu na risk ley...Shayad ha ho jaye...."

And in English also there is one saying....

"If you will gamble then you might loss....but if you don't then you will never win " (not always true....but for this when you have nothing too loss then you can gamble.... :p)

Learn to say what you feel. Life will be better that way. 

Keep it simple silly !!!!!


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