Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trek to taranga -1

Taranga is a jain temple located in mehsana district surrounding by natural beauty of forest and hills. It is most famous for Jain temples and is an ideal location for trekking. We were around 32 people from office who opted for this one day trip. It was my third trek trip from my office. First and second trip were of 'Jessore' and 'Polo forest'. However none of those both were new for me as I had been there with friends earlier. Both place were just like picnic spot and there wasn't much for trekking.  But  this time it was reverse case place was new for me and not for others as it was third trip for a same place from office.

I really didn't care about place.  I just wanted to stay away from being alone at my place on weekend. So without any hesitation I have nominated my self for the trip.  Unlike all other trips this time I didn't even knew that who all were coming till last day. But what I had there in one day was completely soothing experience. Don't wanna bore you guys with ramblings of my overworked mind. Let's start with the trip details.

As usual we hadn't planned to start picking up people from early morning. Stops were decided and everyone were expected to come on time.  But as I had experienced it last time I knew that time decided was our typical Indian standard time.  No one is going to come on exact time but with all excitement I had been there on time. As usual I have seen few of them were already there. Then it had started boring session of waiting for the bus along with gags and laughter of silly comments and memory of previous trip.

After long wait bus came and we all boarded in it. Unlike last time it was well maintained.  All who had been there on last trip had shown some sign of relief after not seeing same bus in which everything was making noise except horn and music system.

Just after 5 minutes before of leaving from office it had started the typical Indian game for journey.  Yeah you guessed it correct "The Antakshari". Whole herd was divided into two groups and then it had started an awesome round of game. Most of us had great time jingling our favorite songs.

Then it came famous moment when I realized that am getting old.  We had halt for tea on highway near some small hut.  Some of us who were addicted to morning tea had rushed for tea, few enthusiasts were clicking photos but what had trigger me to add incident over here is the bunch of freshers.  Just bunch of guys with fresh blood recently graduated from college with full of energy. They had just started climbing on bus.

One of them had just threw the word and two of them had started and all others had followed.  I too have done such stuff in college life and I might haven't think twice even before  jumping from there. But this time I didn't even dared to climb few steps.  Seems like getting older , yeah I will not still words some of us might call it maturity, but I will not.

We all had lot's of fun on rest is of the way with playing games. Yeah how can I forget this.  When we all had fun in shelter of bus two friends have opted for journey with bike ride. Yeah I might need to re-think about comment related to getting old with age.  Because one of the rider was the one with more most experienced among us and the other one was ultimate fighter and kung-fu master with tremendous physical strength.
We reached at the place around 10 and after having quick snacks and small session of ice breaking and instructions we headed for the trek. Instructions were clear that one should wear shoes with good grip and obviously wearing heals while trekking is crime.  However difficulty level of trek was beginner so there wasn't anything to fear. All of us were divided into four groups and each group had allocated a leader who had some trekking experience.  The one who had attended trek earlier knew that no one were going to follow such group.  Only group will stay to gather would be group of photographer. Yeah one cant deny the fact that in the age of Fb and twitter we all wants photo. Instead of enjoying that place at that time we were eager to click photos so that we can share with friends and keep them as memories. And its not that bad either , I am too one of them.

People like us who are going to work 8 hours a day in same cubicle for next few months (till next trip) really need a dose of booster sometimes.  Such photos with lovely memories full fill the need of such booster.

So with all those excitement and energy we had started the trek. As expected we had few guys with extra energy who were exploring extra places along with normal trek route. Few were just busy in clicking photographs.  Few were just trying pass comments and cracking jokes. All of us were moving ahead in really hot and humid environment with exchanging water bottles and sharing weights of bags. First quarter was completed without any major issue.  But then wickets started falling.  Effect of Lifestyles with sitting in air conditioned office whole day started coming into picture.  People had started taking break on short duration water bottles started getting empty. Guides started to getting frequent questions about how much distance is still left?

People were divided into two groups. The ones who wanted to complete the trek fast and the others who didn't care about time and taking their time with playing pranks,  enjoying photo sessions and exploring different shelters to rest.

After gathering at first assembly point and clicking few photos with whole group we had started towards next point.  Someone has started spreading rumors that next point would be the "paap-punya ni baari" (the window of sin and virtue). The one who have done sins would not be able to pass through that window. Obviously it was rumor but we had quite good amount of laugh and fun with it.

To be continued---->

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