Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Misunderstandings - a story

Fate had a funny way of playing with things Ayesha thought with moist eyes..
Flashback to an year ago...
Ayesha was a regular customer at a coffee shop two blocks from her office. Every day after work, she'd go there not because she loves coffee, she actually hated it... but because of that tall cute guy with to-die-for eyes working behind the counter. Shirley was her best friend… 

That was Sunday evening, exhausted and tired from the house hold work Ayesha called Shirley and asked for outing. They went to the same cafeteria Ayesha used to visit for that guy. Sitting over the coffee table Ayesha was discussing about the some training she has was something about swot analysis and soon it turned into the discussion of disadvantages of being girl. After working for the entire week at office she also have to take care of additional responsibilities of household work over the weekend.

Both were so engrossed in the discussing that they didn’t noticed the café guy was standing at their table for taking the order. The guy cleared his throat to gain the attention. Ayesha looked up to order her favorite black coffee without sugar , however when she noticed that it’s the same guy she was not able to open her mouth and kept on staring in that hazel eyes of that boy.

Shirley noticed this and waved her hand in front of her eyes to drag her back in reality. She was feeling embraced and that guy was shy to, so make them comfortable Shirley cracked a joke and all of them had good laugh. Ayesha used to say that Sid looks like “Hritik Roshan” and Shirley always completes the sentence by saying “True, looks like Hritik of movie ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ ”.

That one incident had proved to be ice breaking incident for them and that guy Sid, Ayesha and Shirley, have started talking more often after that day.  Sid working in the café has issue with actual working hours and used get angry stare from his manager when they spend more time in café. On other side Ayesha and Shirley working for some corporate giants had lenient working hours so that café became their common hanging place.

Ayesha though being closest friend of Shirley, She had not told Shirley about her love towards Sid. And unknowing of Ayesha’s feeling Shirley too started falling for Sid gradually.

On the other side it was the same story, but unfortunately Sid was one person can love only one person at time, he had started falling for the one of the girl. From the very first day they talked he started liking that girl.  
One day when Shirley was not present, Ayesha and Sid were sitting in café and Sid gathered courage and told the Ayesha about his love. Uncertain of the feeling of the girl, Sid didn’t tell the Ayesha a name of the girl and kept it as third person. It was heart breaking news for the Ayesha she was dumb struck. She quickly turned up from the table and left the place. She wanted someone to share her feeling and she finally told Shirley about her love towards about Sid and also told about the Sid’s liking of some other girl.

For Shirley also that was double shocking. Out of shock that Ayesha to loved Sid, she couldn’t get a simple logic that Sid love other girl than Ayesha and that other girl can be herself too. Ayesha couldn’t take the defeat well and flew away to the USA at her uncle’s place. Left alone with broker heart Shirley also went in isolation and left going to that place. Shocked from Ayesha’s behavior on that day Sid too started believe that it was his mistake to love those high society girl and left the job at café.

Leap 1 years, present day all of them are thinking that they have lost their true love. If we keep the person, whom Sid loved as secret, two of them might have got their true love.

Moral: - It was clear example of miscommunication and misunderstandings. Sid didn’t present his thought clearly to Ayesha. Ayesha didn’t understand Sid’s perception out of shock passed confusing message to Shirley. Shirley didn’t use her logic sense and carried away with emotion at that time.


divya said...

Miscommunication can create a huge huge misunderstanding. ...

Anonymous said...

not a bad one