Friday, January 17, 2014

Straightforwardness - a better option than buttering up someone

Just like my rest of the posts this also came up during some causal discussing during my daily travelling from office to home. We were discussing something related to culture we have adopted of not approaching senior or boss by 'Sir' and just go with the name. Despite of having this culture few people still uses the word 'Sir' instead of name. 

Some of them are just college freshers and not used to of such environments so that's natural for them. However some of them are way senior and still they call them 'Sir' on their face just to buttering them up. What they think is that buttering them up will make their life easier.

I am not completely agree with that, and actually it's ridiculous when someone with that designation do that. Though i have not gain that much exposure to this profession what i have learnt is that Straightforwardness is better than buttering up someone

Again Straightforwardness , that word has many different meanings and people define as they want to define it. Some consider their rudeness and impoliteness as their Straightforwardness but that is not.

When i say "Straightforwardness is better than buttering up someone" , that means something as i have tried to discuss below.....

As i have read in some novel that ...

"Straightforwardness is a quality appreciated by many, followed by a few, and understood by even fewer."

A very Well said...! Actually that was authors perception back up by my thoughts and yours might be different from mine. And actually i am fine with that fact as i know that i am not perfect and i am not straight forward as well.

Actually we all, or say most of us wants to be straightforward in life. It means no bending of diplomacy. I mean everything ideal and perfect. I mean...if the situation doesn't force , who wants to do all this? So this 

We hope to be straightforward in life. No lie, no bending of facts and no diplomacy. I mean, if the situation doesn't force, then who will desire to do all that? As per the great Chanakya's... 
“A man must not be too straightforward because the trees standing straight in forest are chopped out first”
 Agreed , But again when i say practically we can't be straight forward every time that doesn't mean that we look forward to buttering up some one. 

What should we do than?

The thumb rule is that you can only act straightforward when you are in driving position and things are under your control (in other words, in situation when you know that you are the best person to do the job you are doing).

So what to do when situation is opposite and you are at receiving end ?

If the situation is opposite.... speak with lots of sweetness on your tongue ;) . That sounds wicked ??, may be....but in fact is the simple truth of life....and you have to Accept it! However when i say sweetness in tongue that doesn't mean buttering up someone , which i have called RIDICULOUS in beginning.

Just to make my thoughts more clear.....consider below bullet points... 
  • Point 1 :- Straightforwardness has actually nothing to do with rudeness... impoliteness.... anger... or frustration. 
  • Point 2 :- Straightforwardness has definitely to do so much with the clarity - clarity of what you think and what you speak. 
  • Point 3 :-Always, think about the consequences and the outcome before being straightforward...I mean... it’s certainly not a good idea to invite trouble....just for the sake of looking bold in front of others. ;) 
So the people in favor of me will appreciate this post (and also me for being a straightforward man). On the other hand the people who are not in support this will criticize this post and me for doing this. However i am fine with both.


Anonymous said...

I know. Who is reason behind this post ;)

Akash Patel said...

you don't. But now i know who has posted this comment ;)