Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life - a jigsaw puzzle

Life - a jigsaw puzzle.... Thought came up to my mind when I was playing with my little nephew. I have gifted him quite a few jigsaw puzzles recently. We have started with the puzzle with 10 pieces and than we have reached till puzzle with 500 pieces.

Last weekend i went at cousin's place and was playing with around and he brought this largest puzzle and we had started setting up pieces to create complete picture. We had photo of complete picture in my cell. We looked at the complete picture in my cell (clicked from the one given on the box) from time to time and keep it in our mind. Just to visualize the picture and then searched for the missing pieces. During this if we got stuck somewhere....we abandoned that part of the picture and focused on the other part which seems easy and at that moment. We tried to fit a piece in various places. It was fun to see that spoiled brat so much engrossed in the activity. Sometimes, he would just stare at the picture from so closed range, trying real hard to find out where the piece in hand would find its place. In meantime We also came back again on the earlier abandoned part of the puzzle and sorted it out with an ease. During this activity We rejoiced when a piece found its place and we got frustrated too, if a part remained elusive for long.However, with patience, determination, focus, we finally completed the picture and it was an Aha! moment. Happiness was flowing from his face and he did dance steps of his favourite song to express the happiness.

This activity took long two hours and after completing i was thinking that isn't life is the same, just like a jigsaw puzzle. We visualize the complete picture of perfect life and then start looking for the matching pieces to complete that picture. Meantime when we rejoiced when we find perfect piece and also get frustrated when we don't get one for long time. But what is important is to abandon the complex part for sometime and try to focus on the other part which can be completed with an ease. It might possible that during that process you find the missing part of that abandoned work and can resume fixing that part too. 

Keep on moving is the lesson. If you just keep on holding the same piece of puzzle for long time it will not take you further and you will get frustrated. Keep on exploring the options. Really....Life is just like a jigsaw puzzle....We have to see the whole picture.... then put it together piece by piece...and also should not hold on to one piece for longer duration.

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