Friday, March 28, 2014

Happiness is Decision!

Nearly end of first quarter of 2014 and I was just evaluating this quarter with respect to happiness I gain in it.

I have got lots of ups in it and few downs. At the end it was way better than I have expected. And may be that was the main reason that I have not expected anything for this and the way things are going right now making me delightful. 

Yes some things touch you, you cannot explain how. But they leave a lasting impact on your heart. And mind. And soul. They might be a trivial thing like a movie, or a huge thing like a heartbreak. But they become a part of you. And they are there to stay. To change you. To make you a better person. Or a worse one. But they keep you going. 

And at the end of everything, that's the only thing that matters. 

"Haso..Jiyo...Muskurao...Kya pata... Kal Ho na ho"

PS: Ignore typos. I'm sitting in a cafe, writing this on my phone.

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