Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Short cuts - we all love it at times !!!

"In maths or life short-cut is never short cut until you practise a lot with some failures...."
Again a weird topic to chose for writing. But at the moment it seems interesting to me and in fact that is the only thing going on my mind at the moment.
A Short cut .... something we all love and prefer to do in this fast and pacy life. Be it achieving something, driving car , opening software application. We all are addicted to it till some extent.

Apart from short cut of the software application most of the short cuts doesn't ensure you the success. Just for an example of driving.... 

"Direction is more imp than speed...but we more often busy at looking speadoometer than direction "
We take short cuts while driving down the busy roads during rush hour. Sometime we prefer small lanes instead of those crowded huge roads with traffic signals. Even though the lane is too narrow and has the little capacity to accommodate only one lane traffic.Most of time it would be vacant and you will pass through easily but if there is a jam, then there is no way you can get your vehicle out from there before waiting for an hour.

But we still prefer to take those short cuts. It doesn't matter that 5 minutes saved from one day is being compensate by wait of an hour.

"Cell is an integral part of human body.... they say and I agree !!! "
How can I miss it...We use short cuts while typing through cell phone. Your becomes urs , People become ppl. laugh out loud becomes lol and there are many more. Sometimes they call it a SMS lingo.

"Ye corruption kuch le deke khatam nahi ho sakta kya ??"
In this country we use short cuts to get our work done easily or before time. Just pay the peon 50 or 100 odd bucks and your file will be on top and your work would be done two hours earlier and no standing in the long and never ending queue.

"Marriages are made in heaven as the lighting and storms!!!"
Ohhh!! Come on!! How can I forget this one. We do apply short cuts even in Marriages. Duhhh.. not talking about love marriage that's not short cut that's the longer one actually. I am talking about "The Pandits". Priest performs three hour wedding rituals in one hour if you wish; muhurats and horoscopes change too as per convenience.

"The one who kneel down to lord can stand up for anything!!"
I don't write too much on God and I don't visit temples frequently but I have visited it couple of times and heard someone discussing about a fact that temples have separate queue for "common" darshan and VIP darshan . The later one is a faster route to reach God, but from a certain distance. Nevertheless, the time is indeed saved.

Yet, List is too long and I am damn sure that most (including me) are using it and will continue to use short cuts in life. No harm in that, but think once before you use them. Because....sometimes journey is more important then the destination and by taking short cuts you are actuality cutting down the important part. 

By the way, love marriages are a kind of short cut too...avoiding all long procedure and drama of family.

Isn't it!!! In any case I would like to take that one... !!!

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