Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Black is beautiful !!!

Black is always been my favourite colour due to many reason. Be it my black shirt , black shoes or my black Ray Ban goggles. I was just going through my routine reading of random articles from BlogAdda  and came across this competition. I do write blog since long and submit my articles for competition but writing something fresh just for competition is new for me. Most of time I write blogs during travelling and many of time my post are influenced from events took place around me during that time.

This contest is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at

So let me list out 5 beautiful black things which I always want to have in my life. It's not that I only need these 5 things but each of this 5 has some incidents attached with it.

  1. Black 'RayBan' goggles - I think this liking is inherited in me from my dad. He used have it with him always while riding his bike. I think...I was in 10th  std. when I have started noticing that swanky black goggles and till I have completed my 12th I haven't missed any chance of wearing it in front of mirror. I haven't had luxury to afford one during my college time but now I can do that and my all FB profile pics are incomplete without having them on ;) .
  2. Black Shirt -  I think...I have started liking black shirts since my college life when I have left my home town and shifted to new location to achieve new goal. If you want to know advantage of having black shirt ... ask a bachelor living away from home with having very few resources. Yeah...exactly during college life where every single bucks gets counted... Having pair of black shirt and blue faded jeans is bliss.[Or it may be possible that my GF told me that I looks good in black shirt blue never know :)]. Again just like the goggles now I can afford to wear cool white shirts but I think during those 4 years of college life I started liking them as well. 
  3. Black Labrador puppy -  Unlike above two this doesn't have any connection with history but it has something to do with present. Yes... I have that black Labra puppy at my home. After demises of Dad and Marriage of Sister..I used to get busy with my work and staying away from home for weekdays... made life difficult for Mom.  She wasn't big fan of having Pet before that but now that little puppy is getting more luxury than me. 
  4. Black I-Phone - It's just my wish and cool to have thing. However , I don't think that I am going to spend 40-50 K bucks for having that black sexy piece from my salary. But it always amuses me when I read news something like "someone from China has donated his Kidney to get the this phone" crazy fans this slick black phone does have. I like it but not that crazy about it :) .  
  5. Black Car -  I always have so many crazy memories on wheel. Be it my cab or my small car (and not black) where I have lots fun memories with best of my friends. When I have bought my first car few years back from my own bucks was more of necessity than a luxury. At that time I didn't have choice to go with selecting one from my small list. But I am damn sure that the next car I will have will surely be the "black beast".

That's my short list of beautiful black things... which I had...have..or want to have in my life.

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