Sunday, February 22, 2015

Trek to Polo Forest - Prologue

Huhh... It's just ending of winter and starting of summer and we had one more trekking event. Just like we have 3 different seasons winter, summer and monsoon in my company we have 3 fixed place for one day trekking trip - Jessore , Taranga hills and Polo forest.

This time it was polo forest ... there is something about this place. I have been there to polo forest for 5 time before this trip and each time I had hell lot of fun. How can I forget that road trip on bike with gang of friends during monsoon or camp fire in chilly winter night. It's been time...since I have visited it last time. 

None of my close friend were coming to the event and one friend was also only 50% sure but I have so much of memory associated with the place that I couldn't even refuse to join the trek. Talking about me before I talk about trek ... I don't really make so many friends neither I do make it very fast. I take my own sweet time before I open up with them. 

It was scheduled to start at 5:30 A.M. and I played counter strike with friends till 4:00 AM. Instead of taking quick nap for hour I have decided to getting ready and roam around city for a while. Soft music and cold breeze of late winter freshened up my mind.


Surprisingly all were on time and bus driver was also on time... It was the first time we have started actual journey only 20 minutes late. Otherwise we have always followed the standard Indian time. All were going good and then something happened and I have lost my mind. I played counter strike  for whole night and I was sure that I would have took head shot of him with single bullet if given chance.

I have experienced the trekking I have started getting bored and wondering what I will do for next 7-8 hours. Then there comes the savior of my life... friend popped up novel .. I didn't even knowing it but then she asked for review of book and I was after little war of words.... and puppy faces... I got the hold of book. At very first look it was looking like similar story which I have read in past The Krishna Key . However, interesting enough to hold my attention for next couple of hours.

People were playing games in the bus and having fun. I had mixed time till then and was hoping to have little different time after that.........


Just for easiness let me create separate post for the actual Polo forest details.

Visit - Trip to Polo Forest


It was amazing experience for me to visit it for 6th time but then .... I felt most isolated this time....I never missed my friend this much each and every places reminded me that I was almost alone.....Alone in the crowd.... so not so good sign.....but there were few who made me little bit comfortable.

But then this time I have enjoyed the beauty of place more than any other time....even I have drafted the both of my posts during this trip it self.....

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