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Book Review -> Ramayana – The Game of Life : Shattered Dreams

Title - Ramayana – The Game of Life : Shattered Dreams
Author - Shubha Vilas
Prequel - Ramayana – The Game of Life 
                 - Rise of the Sun Prince
Rating - ****1/2

Review - 
Let's not follow the traditional way of reviewing book this time. This book it self is something different from all normal books we do read. I won't add any spoilers or give any sneak peeks about the story line. Because I never really like to read that kind of reviews so how can I do something like that. Instead I will point out the reasons why I liked the book , the reasons behind it and what you should expect while reading this book. 

The Game of Life: Shattered Dreams, is the second book in this re-telling of the Ramayana. The first book of this series is Ramayana – The Game of Life - Rise of the Sun Prince . Shattered Dreams starts with the nightmare of the King Dasratha, where he faces the dark side of his past and the turmoil of deciding who should succeed him. Then the author has re-written the same story of Ramayana which most of us have read in his unique way. 

No it's not something like what David hair has written in the Return of ravana series . Where he has used the story line of Ramayana to create his fictional story.

No it's not something like what Ashwin Sanghi has done with Chanakya's chant and The Krishna Key , where he has used reference of ancient story line to promote his fictional story of current age. 

No it's not even like what Amish Tripathi has done with his Shiva Trilogy where he has used characters of the mythology to create his own story where he has portrait Lord Shiva as the ultimate hero.

Shattered dream has the original story line of the epic Ramayana written by the Valmiki  but author has just used the different language and way of narrating the same story line. He has narrated some incident in depth by exploring the hidden meaning between the lines of the epic which was never explored till date. 

The second thing I have noticed was the little footnote added by the author for the incident which was continued for entire book. The way he has used the notes to elucidate the principles put forth by the great ruler of history Lord Rama are indeed helpful. When I say helpful not because it teaches something but it gives an interesting perspective when you are reading the story.

Honestly speaking , I am always been fan of reading Indian Mythology. I am always been the fan of the strategies used by different rulers and the heroism they have shown in various phases of history. However when it comes to the Dharma and blind following of tradition my mind stops working. Sometimes I can't really accept something which is quite illogical. 

I don't really wanna criticize it but we all have been witnessed the story of  Ramayana , if not in form of book then may be in form of TV series . Many of the incidents can raise eye brows if one start thinking from the other perspective. Just for an example from the perspective of Bali the brother of Sugriv or from the perspective of Vibikshana or from the point of view of anti hero The Ravana him self. 

The author has tried to explain details behind most of the actions (also those which seems to be illogical when we have witnessed the epic in any form ). It worked to resolve some of my questions about the illogical actions of the characters from epic but few of them are still there. 

Verdict -  I would say if you are fan of Indian Mythology then it's must read. I would say if you have read any of the above book I have mentioned above and liked them then you should have read this as well. I would say if you can read books of Chetan bhagat and Durjoy datta where fat average looking boy gets the damsel beauty  and like it then you should at least give this book a try. :p

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Dhaval said...

Interesting. I never really liked any mythological stuff except the trilogy (if you consider it as mythology).

Does this book include real actions of war time like we had in the Shiva trilogy ?

Hardi BK said...

Sounds interesting..! Wl read it... :)

The Reviewer said...

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