Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life - a melody of love !!

Today morning, while heading towards office in my car I had an interesting experience.

Well....before you start running horses of imagination ..... let me tell you I was alone in my car. Now start thinking that what interesting thing one can have alone in a car. :-)

I was going office early than my usual time so it wasn't rush-hour. Usually I go in cab but whenever I drive my self to office .... I try to pick a time where I would not hit rush-hour traffic.

So I was listening to radio and comfortably cruising with speed of 80-90 km with out much interruption. Car going with more than that speed comfortably overtaking from sides...and no body will get blame to do that on a four lane highway...with absence of serious generally get tempted to step on the accelerator. 

Radio was on but I was hardly listening to words ....and was lost in thoughts. Suddenly I was rudely awakened by my senses that traffic ahead of me was halted suddenly. A few meters away drivers of 3rd and 4th lane were coming to 2nd lane and 4 lane road was converted in two lane. Must be accident some place ahead. Obvious result of this was slowing down of traffic.

I was hopping for quick clearance but instead of clearing it become bumper to bumper and door to door....and just like a grinding halt... long distance drivers on highways recognize all these messy situation can be... I had one experience on that famous golden bridge of "Bharuch" for such traffic for more than 7 hours... nothing can be worst than that.

And every time in such situation the lane in which we stand always would be slowest one. After 5-10 minutes I found that since last 10 minutes NOTHING really moved in my lane. For a moment I have toyed with idea of trying to move to another lane but need to there wasn't any space and that stunt can be proved dangerous for me.

So I stayed in my lane – and just waited for the traffic to move.....It took a while....actually much longer than I expected. Which sort of surprised me because we still had two active lanes. And this was non-peak. So what was the big deal ?

Well...that big deal came.... little bit later.... I realize only when 2-lane had become 1-lane.... yeah the single one.

I still do not know why all these lanes had been progressively shut off. There was absolutely no sign of any accident or road repair work. But it did make sense to me that if you convert a 5-lane motorway to a 2-lane one (that too not very far from the airport), the chance that traffic will build up is not entirely unrealistic.

I was shuffling the radio channels and halted at one stations where this song was being played.....

"Kuchh paakar khonaa hai
Kuchh khokar paanaa hai
Jeevan ka matlab to
Aanaa aur jaanaa hai

Do pal ke jeevan se
Ek umr churaani hai
Zindagi aur kuchh bhi nahin
Teri meri kahaani hai...."

                                                       (Translated version)

"Life is about finding and then losing
It is about losing and then finding

It is about coming and going
From the few moments called life,
we need to steal a lifetime
Life is nothing more than your and my story
Life is a melody of love"
and so on....
"Toofaan ko aanaa hai
Aakar chale jaanaa hai
Baadal hai ye kuchh pal kaa
Chhaakar dhal jaana hai
Parchhaiyaan reh jaateen
Reh jaati nishaani hai
Zindagi aur kuchh bhi nahin
Teri meri kahaani hai"
                                                      (Translated version)

"The storm HAS to come

But after coming, it has to go too
These are but transient clouds
They have to fade away after hanging over us briefly
Only shadows remain
Only marks (signs) remain
Life is nothing more than your and my story
Life is a melody of love"

I never listen any song with more intensity than this....traffic was still on ended with a note .... Santosh Anand Ji ka likha hua geet and bol diye hey.....someone someone ne....

Traffic was still on halt and I have googled about him.....just out of curiosity to find his other song....

I have got few more lines.... which are not there in the original song....and these are my favorite well

"Jo bit gaya hey wo..
Ab daur na aayega...
Is dil me ...siva tere ...
Koi aur na aayega....
Ghar phunk diya hamne..
Ab rakh uthani hey...
Zindagi aur kuchh bhi nahin
Teri meri kahaani hai"
"Tum sath na do mera..
Chalana muje aata hey
Har Aag se wakif hu...
Jalna muje aata hey..
Tadbir ke hathon se..
Taqdir banani hey...
Zindagi aur kuchh bhi nahin
Teri meri kahaani hai"

P.S.  Since morning this song is keep on buzzing in my head....hoping to add few more lines....if you have please add as comments...