Saturday, February 13, 2016

Don't give to get.....give to inspire others to give !!!

18 Aug 2015
At an old age home....managed by couple who both  were retired teacher. 

Short conversation :

Me : I have read about the activities done by you. I wanted to contribute something towards it. 

Uncle : Yes beta, you are very young to come at such place. Sometimes group of youngster visits it but that too more for clicking photos. They spend little time with these people and more time in clicking photos to showcase on social networking sites.

However, I am not complaining about them......because that little is also too much for some people leaving here. 

I told him about everything.....and he got surprised when I told him that it's only me and I didn't come with any group or not proposing any events. 

After listening to everything.....surprisingly he said no to accept anything from me.  I was shocked from his reaction..... 

He told me that ..... money you are offering to us are not of yours. 

I was like..... I am earning it .... in fact in my family I was the only earning member.  

He told me....that's why I am saying it's not only yours. You can't give it away.   However, I have a suggestion.  If you really want to help then you can choose that way.

What generally you do on weekend...... I told .....after working like a hell on week days....generally I spend weekend with friends....doing party and roaming around city....watching movie or just sleeping.

He told me....that you have to leave it for 6 months.. I was like.... uncle I do earn money and spend it on weekend but it's not that much.  I earn money I know value of it so it won't that much even if I don't spend a penny on my self.

He responded.... I am not telling you to stop it and use that money for this cause.  Tell me what % of your time.... you have in form of weekend. It's more than 1/3rd of week day. Now if you do the same thing you do on weekdays on weekend....what would be amount you can get out of it.

I was like... uncle.... it doesn't work that way.... my company don't pay me for working on weekend. And sometimes it's not good practice to follow.  I can't work like that on every weekend....I need to visit home as well.

Only response...I got was.... it's the have 100 reason for not doing it.....find one reason to do it.... and I have never asked to spend all weekends on it.... I just told you the way you can contribute more towards the cause you wanted to do.


13th Feb 2016

Around 6 months gone after above conversation...... Meanwhile I have decided to work on this.....just for an experiment. 

Initial few months were like .....I genuinely felt that's rubbish idea and it won't work. But then it started fall into place. I have started with my generating something from working on my hobby and then giving a helping hand to friend in setting up his business. 

Spent few sleepless nights on weekend. Even on weekdays sometimes I entered office with swollen red eyes. I used to reply colleagues that it was due to counter strike games we play over night. Playing games for bachelor living alone feels cool than telling actually what I was doing.

Friend whom I was helping ....get to know that why I was doing that after 3 months of working with him. We never settled financial terms till yesterday......when he completed full and final settlement before moving to US.

Normally I don't check amount..... I get back from such work and ask them to directly give it to trust or third party. So that I don't have to worry about extra entry in my account and he get receipt for making some of his black to white. 

Surprisingly it was way more than what I initially offered to Uncle.....and surprisingly he was so sure about that.  (Even more than what I earn ....during this period...believe me it was ....I guess friend ....generously added few bucks because I wasn't taking for my self. )


  • I had most memorable weekend.....having lunch party at that place.
  • I didn't click any picture.....or selfie....
  • It's more valuable because it happened on this day....this was for you dad....
  • I would ....probably continue work like this for this and hopefully will get new flow of work.
P.S. :  He never told me how to live......he just lived and let me watch him doing it. That's how my dad was....

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