Thursday, June 9, 2016

Book Review - Six Degrees : Game of Blogs

When I first heard about book.... I was amazed by the concept....because it's written by people like me and you. After fighting battle among 30 teams these 3 teams made it to the final and out come of this battle is this book with 3 story lines published by blogadda. Isn't that amazing that more than 300 bloggers creates fiction stories in their own mind based on some clues provided by blogging community and put those words on paper.

Believe me I am an software professional and heading team of few people with different mindsets. Sometimes it's really hard to convince them and bring all of them together to one direction (* that too with keeping all of them happy). If it's hard for things like job which earn bread and butter for them it's tough when it's about hobby..... people don't like to change their story lines according to others... yeah believe me..... it's tough to adjust or change your story....I repeat your own story..... according to though process of others.

Still they have managed to put together their stories in front of world .... so they deserve accolades for that. 

Before we start with story lines....let's have a look at characters given to the team to create this fiction content.

Shekhar Dutta – He is a stay at home dad who is a freelance writer and stays in Mumbai.

Tara Dutta – She is Shekhar Dutta’s wife who is a media professional.

Roohi Dutta – She is Shekhar and Tara’s 9 years old daughter.

Jennifer Joseph – A christian photographer who stays in Kochi.

Cyrus Daruwala – A law student staying in Delhi.

All of them have created stories in different way and best of three have got place on this published book.

Story #1  - The Awakening

Team “By Lines ”

"The Awakening" is a science fiction combined with some mythology. Lovable combo of mythology, technology and a family drama reminds me of block buster Bollywood movie. At the same time one will have tinge feeling of reading Hollywood movie script while reading it.  Story of small family living happily in Mumbai. Disturbed by some unwanted guests... then it turns into page turning thriller when aliens enters into the story put humanity in danger. This will surely reminds me of so many movies I have watched from Hollywood.  Just like another thriller now a days .... in this too reader would be able to guess the climax in advance.

Story #2  - Entangled Lives

Team "Potli Wale Baba"

"Entangled Lives" is a story of a stay-at-home dad & a workaholic mom, Little daughter of the former two Roohi is feeling that her life is far from perfectly happy. That to takes different unwanted turn after a murder in their household. Entry of  two strangers Cyrus and Jennifer as suspect of crime makes story interesting. They portrait-ed as they were caught at wrong time in a wrong place? Or is one of them the culprit? Each of their lives are entangled in a weird way, and the key to untie those tangles lies in the hands of a corrupt inspector. This story is full of surprises, and the characterization of the inspector is something that you will love and hate at the same time.

Story #3 - Missing – A Journey Within

Team "Tete-a-Ten"

"Missing – A Journey Within"  is a story that I liked most. It 's quite a well-narrated story. Going with a title it's a story of missing person ....actually story of missing truth. Story of couple Tara , Shekher and their missing daughter Roohi. Unlike the murder mystry and science fiction story line like this needs powerful narration and team "Tete-a-Ten" has done it precisely.  

Verdict In my words -

Being an avid reader and QA by profession I was able to find quite a few mistakes in writings and at some places there were hard to believe fictional content added.  However, I didn't feel bad at any time reading it because I was knowing the another story behind writing this.  

All in all....great book ... a science fiction , a murder mystery and a thriller all in one book. You should give it a try.... to get your copy visit here.

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docdivatraveller said...

I loved the book and I feel that you have reviewed it very nicely!