Monday, October 3, 2016

Small steps towards healthy & happy life !!

As they say only healthy body can conceive healthy mind. It's important now a days to keep your body in healthy state to keep your mind in healthy state. Because people like are more of work with mind than with body... we seat on the desk for 8 hours a day and most of us don't really do any exercise along with that.

Basically it's that we take our health for granted.... don't really know the value of the health until and unless we face an issue with that.

Not a single person (who had toothache in life at some point of time) will disagree that ...... at that particular moment we feel like this is the worst thing can ever happen to us.  We try to take care of it for few days and then we forget about it....and start taking it for granted.

But these are small small issues.....but ends up as the bigger one when they come together to fight with you after certain age.  So why not to take care of it along with our routine activities.

Take care of all small issues don't ignore it till come back with bigger impact
This is the first thing everyone of us should do.  In this fast life generally we ignore small issues which are making negligible impact on our body. We try to play strong by ignoring it.  Small stuffs like.....
    • Back problem     ( Due to bad seating habit at workstation )
    • Dental issues        ( Because of bad eating habits and careless brushing habits)
    • Low stamina and extra fat    ( Because of  no exercise )
    • Eyes problem   ( Because too much interacting with phone, tv and laptop)
List can have many more issues......these are the few which I have on my mind right now.....but if I seat and think about it in some free time I could have came up with few more.  
Don't be careless while dealing with high impact diseases  
This is about the few diseases which are having very high impact and can cause the death as well.  One should not be careless while dealing with any stuff which can cause this type of diseases.  List is not that big as the previous one but it can be HIV , Cancer (of any type).  
First one is dangerous because no cure is there  once affected with it and Second one is equally dangerous because of the nature of the disease..... you won't be able to find to many syndromes to identify in the earlier stage but whatever small identification points are there shouldn't taken it lightly.
Follow the instructions of doctor strictly when it comes to diseases of rich
Yes....these diseases are called ....diseases of the rich...due to nature... they doesn't harm you directly but they start eating your body slowly and if you don't follow the instructions ....i would rather say restriction given by doctor they can be dangerous too.
Yes... I am talking about issue with high or low blood pressure and diabetes. Mostly comes with the age....but quite a few incidents found when it can be in the person with age of 20 years as well.  Don't be careless in following the restrictions provided by doctor when it comes to these type of diseases. 
Miscellaneous diseases ....specially for youth

All above diseases are more of traditional ones.... now let's talk about few special once which are seen mostly in youth of today.  Liver problems....lounge problems.....kidney stone problems...pancreas problems.
These all are comes with life style of today's youth.  Liver problems because of drinking habits...lung problems due to smoking habits.....kidney problems because of high stress and busy life style issue.......pancreas problems because of outside foods and eating habits.  
Mass population of young generations lives away from home for the reason of study and after that early days of professional life. Eating away from home at any places for longer duration can cause issues with stomach and pancreas because of unhealthy food and eating schedule. 
In addition to all above steps.....there are few other things which everyone of us can do....with or without falling in any of the above categories....

Stay Active....Eat Better Food...and Stay Happy...

Cheers to a healthy and happy life,

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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