Sunday, January 1, 2017

#2016 I love to hate you!!!!!

It’s been long time I have written something like this. It’s first day of 2017 in office and I am in office at 8:30 a.m. Just to note down few words for this article. #2016 is the year to remember for me on both front personal and professional. This year for me was full of change from all the fronts. 

And two of best memories came on the same day for me. 1st May 2016, the day I got married and the day I got my promotion back to back on 2nd year. Year went pass with so many highs and few down for me. Last few months of my freedom (yeahhh…typical bachelorhood) were in this year and first few months of lovely marriage life were also there in this year. Last few days of roaming around the city alone like a crazy boy were part of this year and first few days of roaming in “Sabji-mandi” like an obedient husband were also part of this year. 

Changes came not only in form of personal life….. I have been witnessed the same on the professional front as well. First time I went to college campus as part of recruitment team to interview the candidates to build a future team. It wasn’t the same college as mine but how does that matter…. I was part of same crowd before 6 years waiting for my round of interviews after clearing written tests… I was also having same tinge of tickling in my stomach while waiting for result after facing the interview. It’s always feels good when you come across any situation which reminds you anything about yours college life. 

Project where I was working since last 4 year was closed this year ….first few days as a person in resource pool were also part of this year. I learnt how to pass a day with doing something meaning full without having anything official on hand. As they say everything happens for a good reason…..this change was also came out as more good than bad… from a team of 3 people I have moved into project where I became part of more than one team ….and few members in the team are the same whom I have trained before few years as part of my first fresher’s training program. It’s always good to see them excelling in the field with flying colors. 

Coming out from personal life it was good year for most of us in other aspects as well. We have witnessed our armed force doing famous “Surgical strike” to eliminate potential threats to the country and witnessed mass public supporting the PM for great move of demonetization even after facing so many difficulties. Year will be remembered for these bold moves by PM. Apart from politics it was great year for sports fan as well. From winning the “Kabbadi World Cup” one more time in mid-year to becoming the no.1 team in the Test Cricket in the end after maintaining undefeated string throughout the year. 

You must be wondering ……Everything I have written is good about 2016 then why the title is “I love to hate you”. It’s just because year is going away with so many memories to never come back…..and I hate anything that is going away from me. 

Yeah….2016 I love to Hate Youuuu!!!!!!!! 

P.S. Starting of 2017 is not bad either…’s first day of 2017 in office and I can see my pic as a face of the day on Intranet Portal.

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